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Custom Banners & Signage in Orlando, FL

The digital age may have lowered the monetary entry point for eye-catching digital signage (such as LED signs, illuminated displays, and LCD monitors), but company custom banners and signage can still turn heads. And because they require less maintenance and start at a lower price, you can bet that small and medium-sized businesses will have at least one or two large banners for advertising, indoor and outdoor events, or branding around them. Whether you are looking for window graphics or yard signs, Fineline Printing offers signage and banner printing services to meet your needs.

What Are Custom Banners & Signage?

Custom banners are long strips of material displaying a logo or pattern designed to reflect a corporation, association, government or some other agency. Unlike conventional signs, they are not static.

While the dictionary may describe banners as being made of fabric, these days a banner may consist of many different fabrics, many of which have differing degrees of thickness, foldability and longevity. Banners are distinguished from flags by how they are placed, rather than by hue, form or pattern. A banner is attached to both ends, while a flag tends to be attached to a pole or a post on one side.

Here are some of the most popular types of banners that we offer with our banner printing services:

Removable & Retractable Custom Banners

Pull-up banner stands, also known as roll-up banners, are an attractive, double-sided solution for trade show events and indoor retail signage. As is in the name, pull-up banners are easy to retract and detract.

Step and Repeat Banner

Neutral backgrounds for booths and walls are a necessary evil. News photographs need to be taken, speeches need to be listened to, and guest speakers do not want to be interrupted by their surroundings. Step and repeat banners allow you to cover up wallpapers and bland backgrounds while marketing your company’s logo and name.

Suspended Banners & Hanging Banners

Using cables and rods, hanging banners can be displayed above the crowd for maximum visibility and promotional impact. While the installation of ceiling displays may be a little more involved, the potential payoff may be worth the effort.

Fabric Banners

Fabric banners have beautiful full-color graphics that will captivate and impress. Machine-washable and crease-resistant (unlike vinyl banners), these displays are the perfect solution for any business that needs a high-quality banner with little or no set-up time.

However, the show-stopping radiance of the fabric banner can be bleached outdoors, so we recommend using it only for indoor applications. Trade shows, sporting events, grand openings, housing promotions, and presentations are all fair game!

Vinyl Banners

The vinyl banners are an old standby, for good reason. It’s hard to argue about the durability of their material; it can be used indoors and outdoors, and it’s tear-resistant. Vinyl banners should be handled with care. They can be quite heavy compared to their cloth counterparts, and they can crack if stored incorrectly or stepped on.

Different Types of Signage

The options we are going to discuss fall into a number of categories. Here are the major types of signage that we offer with our custom banner printing services:

Outdoor signs

These products are one of the most important tools in the toolbox of the advertiser. They’re all about rising visibility. They will often be placed just outside your physical location. Otherwise, they may be put in important positions in the surrounding region.

Indoor signs

You can use indoor signs for a variety of purposes. Typically, they work best at your physical location. Many of them are intended to inform potential customers. Other times, they are meant to publicize specific aspects of the business.

Persuasive signage

One of the most exciting uses of signage is to support your business, service or product. Persuasion can be used to educate your customer about why they should choose over another business that offers the same services.

Informational signage

Remember that not all signs are intended for advertising purposes. You also need a platform to get information through. This includes finders, directional signage, and menu boards. They will often be in or near your place of business.

When it comes to specific types of signage, you may choose from:

Window Graphics

A-Frame Sidewalk Signs

Banner Signs

Floor Graphics

Yard Signs

Menu Boards

Fineline Printing offers a variety of printing services. Not only do we offer banner printing services, but we also offer traditional printing and other specialty services, such as apparel printing. Whatever your printing project is, we can help you find a printing solution. Call us today for a free quote on your upcoming project!

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