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Business Card Printing in Central Florida

There are so many different types of business card printing services in Central Florida, so many services that it’s become hard for you to decide which one to choose for your company. The rapid growth in technology and social media has changed the way we network. Online networking is becoming increasingly prevalent across all industries with different scales of business. However, in-person meetings and offline networking events still govern a number of business relationships. Thus, business card printing is an essential part of building your brand collateral. We are going to elaborate on the most popular types of business cards that we print with our business card printing.

Ready to make that great first impression? Display your professionalism and expertise with our options and offerings for business cards that vary from classic to trending design concepts. It’s easy to find something that fits your business from the variety of designs to the papers and finishes we have here at Fineline Printing. Every company is one of a kind, and so should have their own business card.


Our Business Card Capabilities

Embossing, Stamping With Foil And Magnetic Stock

Custom Design and Layout

Multi-Layer Finishes

Raised Lettering and Personalized Coating

Distinctive Forms and Proportions

Sets in Full Brand Branding

Types of Business Card Printing

Basic Business Card Printing

Your business card needs to represent your brand and provide contact information. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a startup or an organization with a variety of branches across various continents, the basic business card is a must for your business. It holds the name of the company on small real estate, a big responsibility.

As a standard card, all details are uniform:

Size: Although the size of a business card may vary slightly between regions, 3.5 x 2 inch is widely accepted.

Shape: Rectangular is preferred and most widely used. Other shapes, such as square, round or die-cut shapes, are considered unconventional because they are difficult to sit and stay in the holder of the card.

Color: white or cream on one side and the company’s key color on the other.

Printing/finishing/paper: not coated, not embossed.

You can hardly go wrong with a standard type of card, as it is effective for all kinds of business meetings. So, if you don’t have time to work with us or to discuss a variety of complicated designs, go with a standard business card. It’s a safe option for almost everyone.

Premium Business Card Printing

As its name suggests, this form of the business card will give your prospective or potential customers a premium look at your business. Depending on your budget, the level of your premium can be adjusted accordingly by using different designs, materials, etc. Below are the key factors for a premium business card:

Size: 3.5 x 2 inches doesn’t have to be the only way to get there. Die-cut can help you stand out from the crowd.

Shape: Size and shape go hand in hand. When you’re going for an unusual scale that’s just different enough, it can aid a potential client in remembering your business. Square, round, or even a unique shape reflecting your business nature can be a good option to choose from.

Color: Business cards are your brand. Therefore, there’s no reason for a premium card to live in white or black. It can be built to match the colors of your company.

Printing/finishing/paper: matte or high gloss.

If you’re interested in luxury Business Card Printing, the price of paper is the first thing you need to look at. The high-quality paper will give your card a crisp, new feel. There are also different color palettes that show more vibrantly on higher quality paper

Matte Business Cards

This tends to be the best option for business owners who don’t even need a creative style but rely on a polished look for their cards. The specifics vary according to your needs, but these are the basics:

Size: 3.5 x 2 inch is preferred as this card stands out for its paper material

Form: whatever shape you choose to take, it needs to be in line with your brand.

Paper/printing material: the look and feel of your card speak for itself. Matte tends to be better for a more modern, polished look. Ideal for text-based cards, as opposed to image-focused.

Business Card Gloss

It is the best alternative for those who are in the following industries: fashion, architecture, hair care, hospitality, or makeup. It does not mean, though, that this sort of card is not a suitable match for other companies. If you want to make those high contrast colors pop, choose this type of card. It gives a stunning, vivid, and glamorous look to your company. It enhances the colors of your business card template and thereby brings out the most essential elements of your card.

Another advantage of gloss Business Card Printing is its durability. If you want your card to last longer in the cardholder of your customers, choose this type of card. During the design process, it is very important to pick the correct font to ensure clear readability.

Embossed Business Cards

This type of card delivers a high level of professionalism. Embossing not only gives an eye-catching effect to your card, but also creates a superior look and feel. It allows you to highlight the most important aspects of your business. Picking embossed business cards is a wise choice to stand out from the crowd as it looks completely different from other types of cards. In this modern age, where almost everything can be achieved online, the tactile feel of embossed paper can literally give your business a different feel. It gives your recipients a memorable physical feel, making it easy for your business to be remembered when they need your products and services.

How to Make The Perfect Business Card

1. Keep it short

Yes, less is still enough when it comes to producing excellent business cards. Don’t want to insert on either hand more than a couple of words and colors. With a simple two- or three-toned card topped off with well-crafted content, you can make a lot better impression.

2. Build an attention-grabbing template for business cards

Your most innovative selling point to stand out and highlight. Prior to publishing, make sure to share the concept with trustworthy friends and colleagues.

3. Try using a tagline that is memorable

To state market priorities and legitimate differentiators. Only aim to avoid the terms within seven. Without being too wordy and risking losing the attention of the viewer, the tagline can pack a punch.

4. Add your contact information and address

Simple enough, it seems, right? Maybe you’ll be shocked. Although for event cards and other niche firms, the aspect of surprise works, you may want to play it safe and have information that will help individuals learn more and get in touch. Make sure your phone number, email address, website URL, handles for social media, and address are used. The address can be the first to go if things tend to look cramped; prospective buyers will always reach you using the URL of your website.

5. Match the logo for your business card

The goal is to keep your company top-of-mind because if one thing is expressed in your business card and another is conveyed by your brand, you will annoy or repel clients. In terms of appearance, be clear such that a cohesive picture is conjured by your company.

Our Wide Range Of Printing

Banners & Signage

Turn passerby into potential customers by drawing them in with signage that is engaging and easy to read.


We’ll make you look good in our wide range of apparel that can be customized with screen-printing, embroidery, or direct-to-garment full color printing processes.

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Gear up for events and promotions and reach new customers – anytime, anywhere.

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Spread the word and get it to your clients quickly! We’ll even put it in their mailbox for you.

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Quality Plastic Business Cards


Make ‘em hungry with a mouthwatering menu for Dining In or To Go – we can even make our menus spill-proof!

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Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, planning a wedding, or hosting a grand opening or other special event, we’re ready to help with invitations, thank you cards, seating charts, and more!

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Share your style with our high-quality photo reproductions and gallery-worthy prints.

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