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Door Hangers

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Door Hangers in Central Florida

Door hangers are a unique addition to door-to-door marketing. Door hangers can spark a conversation, answer questions, provide incentives to your customers, and do anything else you could do in a conversation without having an actual conversation. In door-to-door marketing, you need to have a skill set to be effective while using a door hanger you just need to put it on someone’s doorknob. We offer standard door hangers in long and short sizes with high gloss or matte finishes. We also offer door hangers with special die-cut holes, and/or perforations at the bottom for tear-away business cards, or add an incentive with a coupon instead too!

Is Door Hanger Advertising the same as Door to Door Advertising?

Door hangers are used in a marketing process called “Canvassing”. Canvassing is usually used in the political scene to solicit votes, such as going into the field and connecting with your desired audience. This isn’t a door-to-door sales tactic, nor are you supposed to knock on the customer’s door in order to sell this product or service. Placing the door hanger on a customer’s door and not engaging in conversation is an acceptable process. Make sure to contact your local city office to make sure you aren’t breaking any bylaws regarding soliciting. There is usually a time, place, or manner restriction to abide by, an example would be “you can’t attempt to do anything between 12 am and 6 am”.

Who uses Door Hanger Printing?


Door Hangers are primarily used by businesses new to the neighborhood, companies that want to target specific customers that live in the suburbs and want to offer them services:


  • HVAC companies
  • New small businesses
  • Lawn care companies
  • Plumbing
  • Electricians
  • House cleaning
  • Other home service businesses


It is especially beneficial if they offer regular services and seasonal services because it is easier to gauge when the customer would need the service. Take lawn care as an example, if there is a noticeable reason they would need lawncare like the grass is too high or there is a weed problem that they could find your door hanger and call the next day to get their lawn serviced.


The Pros and Cons of Using Door Hangers:




  • They are usually cheaper than direct mail and postcards
  • They are hard to ignore because the customer will usually grab them from their doorknob
  • They are great for reaching a local audience
  • There is a chance of multiple exposures due to neighbors walking around and seeing it and the friends and family of the customer walking up to their front door
  • They add a personal touch because these are hand delivered and it shows you are willing to take the time to reach out to them individually
  • Easier and doesn’t give the feel of door-to-door marketing




  • They aren’t cost-effective outside of local marketing
  • They can damage your reputation due to some customers finding door hangers to be invasive or junk. They might even throw it away without even looking at them
  • Tracking the return on investment is hard due to the amount of effort
  • There are many other physical marketing strategies being used (Direct mail, postcards, etc.) so there is a competition to get your customer’s attention.


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Fineline Printing is your professional Door Hanger Printing service. For over 25 years, we have provided our printing services for the state of Florida and beyond. Our friendly, expert staff is here to help you with all of your printing needs. For more information about our services, contact us today! Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin.

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